The Australian Institute of Ecological Agriculture (the AIEA) adds a new dimension to agricultural education, extension, research, and, politics.

The institute stands between the world of industrial agriculture on the one hand, (which we have little affiliation with), and organic agriculture on the other, (which we do have affiliation with).

In essence the AIEA is driven by an ecological imperative. We believe that ecology is the foundation stone of agriculture and that this science (which embraces its natural and social elements) needs to be the primary driver of all management decisions.

The AIEA’s mantra is one of looking after that which we are dependent on – in this case the biosphere.

Interconnectivity of the biosphere
Interconnectivity of the biosphere

“To build a sustainable society, we must first be willing to rethink our fundamental concepts of science economics, and society. We must build a new sustainable society on the philosophical foundation of a new worldview, a new approach to science, a new economics of sustainability”

John Ikerd

This interconnectivity draws together the pillars of ecology, ethics, education, farming and food in the AIEA logo nested within the all encompassing ecology.





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