What We Want From the Climate Agreement

Special announcement from IFOAM


The world’s attention will be on Paris for the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11), from November 30th to December 11th. Hopes are high that it will result in a new international agreement on the climate, applicable to all countries, with the aim of keeping global warming below 1.5C.

IFOAM – Organics International and IFOAM EU will be on-site campaigning for an international agreement that recognizes the importance of the land sector in food security and combating climate change.

With almost 800 million people suffering from hunger, we need to prioritize the right to food and food security. If, in the name of fighting climate change, land used by local farmers to produce food is acquired for use in carbon offsetting projects, then a further 600 million could be at risk of hunger by 2080. We don’t want to see the agreement include terms such as “net-zero”, “climate neutral” or “carbon neutral” which could lead to this. We want to see commitment to tackling activities with the highest emissions, such as fertilizer use, particularly in ‘high-emitting’ countries. You can read more here and watch a short video here.

As a member of the Farmers’ Constituency, we are giving organic farmers the opportunity to intervene in the negotiations and advocate to party negotiators. We will also be drawing attention to the multiple benefits of Organic Agriculture at a number of events. More details can be found here.

IFOAM - Organics International at COP21 Climate Conference in Paris

IFOAM – Organics International at COP21 Climate Conference in Paris (Img src: http://www.ifoam.bio/en/news/2015/11/16/ifoam-organics-international-cop-21-climate-conference-paris)

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