BUILDING capacity in regenrative and ecologically based farming and food systems for Australia

The Institute seeks to build capacity in Australian agricultural communities around regenerative agriculture and ecologically based food systems. We do this by facilitating workshops, training and other education activities in both the hard and soft dimensions of Regenerative Agriculture, Forestry and Agroecology. Our aim is to professionally develop the ecological thinking and skills of agricultural and NRM professionals in Australia.

We partner with a number of leading educators and extension specialists in both the hard and soft aspects of Regenerative Agriculture. We endorse courses that align with the Institute’s mission and values.

Hard science courses we endorse cover agroecology, landscape science, soils, holistic management, whole farm planning and management, regenerative agriculture and organic agriculture. Soft science courses include courses in extension and change management, human and social ecology and community development.

If you are interested in getting a course endorsed that your organisation runs then contact our Training Coordinator.