Today’s take on climate change and it is sobering!

Image adapted from Australian Coastal Observation Network

Image adapted from Australian Coastal Observation Network

2 degrees, or 4 degrees, or higher….. who would like to make an offer! Yes, it is almost an auction where the loser takes nothing and nor does the winner. The temperature is going up…..up……up and at current rate could easily hit the 4 degree mark with relative ease. The person wielding the sledge hammer in terms of images created through the written word was Elizabeth Farrelly in the August 20 edition of the SMH. Here is Farrelly’s wording following by a link to the full article:

Sea-level rise alone means land loss, salination of soils and potable water (including, in some cases, aquifers) and massively increased flooding. The IPCC’s expected rise of 0.6 – 1.0m by 2100 puts a salt-lake in Marrickville by 2100 and, globally, implies an annual flooding of 200-300 million people from their homes. That’s some tide.

In 35 years, some 1500 of Indonesia’s islands will be under water. By 2100, 42 million Indonesians living within 3km of the sea may be homeless. Jakarta airport will drown. What does it mean for Australia? Suffice it to say, “stop the boats” won’t be an option.

So sure, it’s scary. But you can’t fix it by looking away. Climate change is not like God. You can’t just decide you don’t believe in it and that’s it, sorted.

The evidence is in. We have not just a second and third opinion. We have 2500 scientific opinions, expert across a dozen disciplines, in agreement – not to mention the Smithsonian, every world university, the Pope, the Queen and the Church of England (which in June passed the Lambeth Declaration calling for urgent action on climate change) all in furious agreement.

This is not some bunch of hippies or communist nut jobs. This is an extraordinary colloquy of sober and conservative voices acknowledging that, sadly, climate change is real, anthropogenic and already, in part, irreversible. Yet we can still choose to survive. Or not.

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