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Few Australians can claim to have been the subject of four Australian stories but Peter Andrews can lay ownership to that claim. The first two explained the principles of Natural Sequence Farming and it was as though the whole nation starting talking water from that moment on. A few years later we had episodes 3 & 4 which were about coal and the coal that lies under the water on Peter Andrew’s former property which has since been purchased by his son. The story was about Peter’s son needing to sell the farm in the Bylong Valley due to the pressure placed on him by the mining giants.

The following is a reply from Peter Andrews to the latest series and this was passed onto the EAAA newsletter by EAAA member Julia McKay.

Pulling all the Strings Together

Once a mistake is declared your mind is clear to develop a solution. Many fundamental errors have seen certain plants “unwanted” and destroyed. The result has been spreading deserts and drainage of groundwater.

An obvious excuse is the education system that fails to equip students with an understanding of basic environmental functions. Summarised below are factors that are not given the correct emphasis when students are taught about climate, agriculture and the environment:

1. Water changing its state from gas to liquid (and often to a solid) is the most fundamental energy affecting climate cycles;

2. Plants manage water’s thermal energy, clean the air and purify the water;

3. Plant activity (photosynthesis) can be measured by the day or even by the hour;

4. Soil is a long term result of plant activity. It is difficult to measure changes in the soil in less than 10 years;

5. The more species of plants, the more resilient the land and the more moderate the climate;

6. Humans require 3 million different compounds to maintain health;

7. The optimum conditions for animal and human health occur when all plants firstly prepare the soil for edible plants to dominate later;

8. Gravity is the power driving an environmental production line by moving compounds in water to maximise plant function. Gravity moves everything down, but for the production line to operate sustainably, all essential compounds must be brought to high points.

It took half a billion years for the land to develop forests to the top of the hills. Once the excess residue of plant by-products could move with the water, the environment was able to continue to grow.

Key Aspects Governing Fertility and Sustainability

• Use gravity to run a production process from forestry (on hills and ridges) to aquaculture below;
• Accumulators (+) and exploiters (-) create a balanced environmental budget;
• Filters (specific types of plants) must be present to remove and process nutrients;
• The filtering plants set a pattern for nil erosion while permitting an unlimited maximum water flow;
• Plants are solar-powered engineers for land management;
• Plants are solar-powered air conditioners;
• Plants are solar-powered factories modifying most life-giving compounds; and
• Plants are solar-powered pumps reversing the effect of gravity by lifting compounds to the surface to be slow-released as the plant tissues are decomposed.

These aspects are all visible functions that can be minutely examined by current science.

So that all of this could be used, I set up demonstrations throughout the country. Over 50 still remain at Tarwyn Park. Since then, my son Stuart has managed what I consider to be a scientific control cycle. I am disappointed that 15 demonstrations have been destroyed. My plan to show how a landscape can function from forestry to aquaculture has not continued. Salt management strategies however, have continued to function without management. The flow lines need to be recognised as a farmer’s best hay producing zone and this has not been fully employed. Water recharge systems that once served six properties have not be used.

The sale by two Banks (both financiers to my Research and Development Project) of two of my properties has seen the new owners grow seven cycles of cereal crops on land that, before my management, was exhausted and unsuitable for cropping.

Billions of tax payers’ dollars have been spent without reference to Australia’s landscape functions. History reveals the authenticity of how this opportunity existed.

A government board spent three years examining whether my research project could create employment, benefit the public and have export potential. An advanced taxation ruling and approval of the research was granted. One can only ponder why such a practical demonstration could fail to attract political and bureaucratic attention.

Was it the mine? Mr Obeid clearly knew in advance about the quantity of coal under the Bylong Valley. Additionally, academic institutions were focused on lowering water tables. More billions of dollars have been, and continue to be, invested in that endeavour.

Selective plant eradication has meant a goldmine for herbicide manufacturers and their scientific supporters. It should be noted that this planet used all plants, not just a few, to develop.

Attempts to bury CO2 received funding when the growth of plants would convert CO2 to food and release O2 .All global warming, extreme climate events, poor food quality, loss of water and matter to the sea are automatically reversed by plants.

A national enquiry is required to establish how the commercial aspects of a project presented to the Taxation Department and the Federal Government was allowed to be terminated. “To err is human” but to admit erring provides relief with a free ticket to success.

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