The role of harmony in the politics of nature

Related to Greta’s story is the role of harmony in the politics of nature. Take the
following statement from the United Nations dated 2017:

The UN General Assembly, at its 72nd session, adopted the ninth Resolution on Harmony
with Nature (A/RES/72/223). This resolution requests the President of the General Assembly,
among others, to:

Host the eighth Interactive Dialogue of the General Assembly on Harmony with Nature to
inspire citizens and societies to reconsider how they interact with the natural world and to
improve the ethical basis of the relationship between humankind and the Earth in the context
of sustainable development, and to discuss sustainable production and consumption patterns
in harmony with nature, so as to ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in Harmony with Nature.

This resolution links neatly with the aspirations of the AIEA. It seems there is an
international movement inspired by the notion of harmony with nature. When we look at
environmental issues in Australia such as the Murray Darling Basin we see disharmony on a
massive scale. The problem is one of keeping the “pigs out of the trough” and finding a
compromise that fairly represents all players – and having a regulator who is prepared to
regulate. We will have more to say about harmony and agriculture in future bulletins.
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