Where does the AIEA stand on the NEG? The answer is straightforward. We put ecology of life centre stage on all issues. If you destroy the ecology of the system (as we are doing) you destroy the key building blocks of life on earth.

If you are not sure of this claim it is worth having look at the current CO2 levels. The 2018 level in July was 408.71 which is 1.9 above the 2016 level. There has been no dip in the gradient which suggests CO2 emissions continue to rise and will rise to a tipping point where the climate system will be radically different to what it is today and far more intense in all respects. Already scientists are talking about a 2 degree increase as inevitable and many are starting to talk about a 4 degree increase which would be catastrophic.

Given this scenario one wonders why the emission target was not the key issue in the design of the NEG rather than the cost of energy. The time will come when this will be the case and the sooner the better.

With the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) currently attracting attention from state and federal politicians it is poignant to look at what individuals can do to mitigate CO2 emissions irrespective of the NEG debate.
An organisation that is creating positive outcomes in this regard is Drawdown (

Drawdown is a global coalition of researchers, scientists, economists and others, that, in recent years, has built a model to evaluate and rank the top active solutions to global warming, based on their actual impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Drawdown is the brain child of environmentalist Paul Hawken ( who asked the question: “Do we actually know what we can do with respect to addressing global warming? Can we make a list of things that we are already doing and measure their greenhouse gas impact, along with the cost or savings if any?”

Hawken brought together a small group of friends to see if they could map, measure and model the 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming. He called it Drawdown to represent the beginning of the downward trend for CO2 level. He believed that this was “the only goal that makes sense for humanity and civilization.”

According to a report on Drawdown website (

Hawken put the word out to universities around the world, seeking research fellows who would do a master’s thesis on one of the solutions for the princely sum of $1,000. It reports that they were overwhelmed with applications from Rhodes scholars, Fulbright scholars and White House fellows. They chose nearly 70 fellows.

Details of the top 100 strategies chosen can be found on the Drawdown website.

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