Organic 3.0

Organic 3.0 was a feature at the recent IFOAM congress held in New Delhi. You may be wondering what Organic 3.0 is and how it might differ from Organic 1.0 and Organic 2.0? To discover the answer take a look at this short video (3.50 min) first:

Where does the AIEA stand in relation to Organic 3.0?
The AIEA welcomes the initiative but in saying this we hold the position that for Australia at least we need a third force.

The main force is what we call conventional agriculture and its 1st cousin that of Industrial agriculture. The second force is organics which engages only a small percentage.

The AIEA believes that many conventional farmers are not interested in organics but would be interested in an ecological approach since it involves working with nature. Ecological agriculture is similar to organics (our 1st cousin) but different!

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