Human Ecology and Ecological Agriculture


Trees-as-people, people-as-trees | Ink painting by Ben Gleeson

Those members of the EAAA who are associated with the degree in ecological agricultural systems at CSU Orange well understand the subject Human Ecology and its role in producing ecological thinking students, and ultimately, graduates. Over the 13 or so years of its existence it has had a powerful impact on many students and one of those is Ben Gleeson. Ben has just completed a paper on the topic which has been published in the Plumwood Mountain, an Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics. In a moment I shall create a link to the journal and the paper but first a few thoughts from the conclusion arrived at in Ben’s paper:

“Almost as a postscript to this article, I recently heard that CSU administrators have decided to discontinue the Ecological Agriculture degree. Despite some sadness, I feel this may be a good thing. From my personal observations it seemed that CSU never understood the degree that it accidentally acquired from the University of Sydney when it purchased the Orange campus in 2005. After many unsympathetic alterations of the curriculum, and a notable change in overall outlook, student demand is reportedly no longer what it once was. Fortunately, a new Ecological Agriculture degree program is being developed at the National Environment Centre (NEC) in Thurgoona, NSW. Given the outlook and previous activity at the NEC, this development offers significant hope for the application of ecological science to future agricultural learning and endeavour in Australia.”

If you would like to know more about the subject and Ben’s experience of it go to:



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