Climate Change and the South West of Western Australia

At a time when the NSW government has introduced its controversial Land Management Act which makes it easier for landowners to remove trees, a gently reminder re the consequences of this decision comes from Western Australia.

There the woodlands have been decimated over the years and this has had an impact on the amount of rain received. According to an excellent report on the ABC Science Show by Bill Bunbury the reduction in rain is 10-15% reduction in rain and there is less water going into dams.

Getty Images: Australian Scenics

West Australian wheat field (Getty Images: Australian Scenics)

And yes the removal of woodlands has to be part of the reason. The program also shone its light on the ridiculous assumption that Australia (or the world) can continue to expect continuous growth.

The mantra of jobs and growth doesn’t make sense when dealing with a finite world. If you wish to take up the arguments and hear them first hand go to:

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