Choices – black penwork by Cath Marriott

Biological sheep farmer and EAAA member Cath Marriott submitted this extraordinarily detailed artwork to EAAA contributing to our growing art and photo of the month portfolio. Cath’s family-owned and run property Yarallah is located 10km west of Benalla, Victoria. The Marriott family pride themselves on sharing ethically grown lamb grazed amongst a richly biodiverse ecosystem which also includes gorgeous farmstay cottage and homestead accommodation.

Aptly titled ‘Choices’, Cath’s expression of overwhelming feelings captures the essence that every little thing in which we choose to partake effects every other thing in which we engage, consciously or unconsciously. Read Cath’s words below.

by Cath Marriott

          Choices by Cath Marriott, ‘Yarallah’ | 0.005 Black pen, March 2015

I have been so overwhelmed by my feeling of powerlessness with the conversations on climate change and the role that healthy soil and robust ecosystems and grazing systems can play in world health and sustainability I have decided to attempt to draw my feelings!

Here is the picture. Hard to see but done with a .005 black pen and shows the importance of microbes in a balanced soil and a strong rainforest system. It moves through a resilient grazing system following the creek down to the right hand side. When it goes over a rock water fall it hits the degradation caused by a coal fired power station, mining and non-renewable power generation. (As opposed to the renewable system above the healthy soil).

The last thing that we see is the skull of the sheep looking at us – no microbes left in the soil – an accusatory look.

~ Cath Marriott, March 2015