Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance and the People’s Food Plan

The key message from the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance or AFSA, is that “There is a crucial distinction between Food Security and Food Sovereignty. Food Security is concerned with ensuring adequate access to food for all, but it does not specify where food comes from, the agricultural production values with which it is produced, or the social conditions of those producing it. In other words, Food Security is an end, but it says nothing about the means to achieve that end.” Quoted from the AFSA website.

You can read more about AFSA on their site:

Most notably, AFSA has recently published their response to the federal governments National Food Plan (NFP) by bringing the People’s Food Plan (PFP) to the fore of discussion and action reflecting AFSA’s key message of equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems for all Australians.

Do join in the discussions because if you eat food, then this concerns you.

You can also follow up on the recent progress of the People’s Food Plan by going to this link and satisfying your food for thought as well as the food you eat.

Coordinator at AFSA, Nick Rose was also on ABC Rural recently talking about food sovereignty, GM and what is misleading the public in regard to food systems.  A highly recommended listen.

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