Australian Agriculture and its future

Anika Molesworth is a young 28 year old from Broken Hill who in 2015 was selected as the Australian Young Farmer of the Year. Anika is currently completing her PhD. Her pet interests concern equity for farmers in Australia and overseas and climate change.

Anika Molesworth

Anika Molesworth

She also believes that production should not come at the expense of natural resources. In 2016 Anika was invited to speak at the Soil Care conference at Cairns and spoke with great passion for the future of Australia agriculture. The presentation lasted 19 minutes and is well worth spending that time viewing her speech.


To connect go to and you will find the YouTube link to her presentation (or directly here). It starts about two minutes into the session. Anika is a member of the Climate Change working group within the Australian Institute of Ecological Agriculture (AIEA).


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