The AGM of the AIEA

The AGM will take place on Tuesday 28th November and will be via teleconference. This means that you can attend the meeting from your own lounge room and without cost. We will be using a Free Teleconference line and details of this will be posted prior to the event. If you are interested in taking part (and we hope so) please notify our Secretary Kirsty Yeates on ( Whilst everybody is welcome to join in, only those with current memberships will be able to vote. Membership forms are available on our website or by contacting Kirsty Yeates.

Elections for the Board will be conducted during the AGM. There is room for 10 directors. If you are interested in nominating for a position on the Board, please contact Kirsty Yeates on ( the nomination forms. All nominations are due by 8th November 2017.

There is also room for people on subcommittees which offers a great way to get involved. Those subgroups comprise the following:

  1. Accreditation: accrediting farmers and graduates within the body of regenerative agriculture/ecological agriculture/ holistic science.
  2. Education: Creating learning packages around the 5 landscape themes as mention in the editorial and as mentioned in Charlie Massy’s book…plus other components such as organising conferences or seminars or community gatherings.
  3. Consultancy and advisory service. This is linked to the accreditation purpose of the AIEA
  4. Managing Carbon: Agroforestry; Ecological Footprint.
  5. Ethics: Creating a voice around Earth Jurisprudence.
  6. Web Management including writing for the newsletter.

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