The Second Warning

And still on climate change and this one is different!

The Second Warning is a documentary about an OSU researcher who built a worldwide movement with one click of the mouse. It’s the story of scientists all over the world awakening to the need to become advocates for the fate of the planet’s biosphere and the humans who depend on it. To prevent widespread misery and catastrophic biodiversity loss, they have become convinced that humanity must replace business as usual for the survival of all species. Through their words and actions, The Second Warning shows why it is now urgent that citizens of the world take up this cause to avert the environmental and climate change crisis. Click on the link for images.

The campaign to raise the first $50,000 of the $325,000 budget, is needed to bring this story to the big screen. This will cover the development costs and allow filming in at least two locations. Members of the Alliance of World Scientists have already been suggesting inspirational stories that illustrate the data in the Scientists Warning to Humanity. We will then aim to raise the remaining balance needed to complete the film from grassroots supporters and institutional partners.

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