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Johannes Bauer

Imperial Jezebel on plum tree flower at little dam | Painting by Johannes Bauer

Jezebel and Jezebels

Jezebel and Jezebels Who was Jezebel ? Intrigued by the somewhat unusual name ‘Jezebel” for a butterfly,  I made an internet search …

Crimson-blue River

Crimson-blue River

  A flock of parrots streaming  through the foliage. sunlight filtering through a patch of blue.. a graceful stream,  tinkling through the …

Allow me to shake your faith!

Allow me to shake your faith! – While the World mobilises for Paris to get it right the Australian Government employs Bjorn …

‘Insektenhimmel’ by Dr Johannes Bauer

A marriage of art and science

Art and science seem odd bed-fellows but in reality they lean heavily on each other, or should. But try telling that to …

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