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The Language we use: Carbon Metrics

The EAAA Newsletter actively seeks contributions from its membership. If you have a story about what is happening in your community irrespective …

Underestimating soil CO2 emissions (Img src: Dohduhdah via Wikimedia Commons)

Fungi and their role

It is surprising how little we know about fungi and their role in our world of farming. Yes fungi may have a …

The making of biochar and why?

By Sebastian Klein In his recent book Atmosphere of Hope, Time Flannery points out that at current rates of greenhouse gas (GHG) …

Popularising Climate science!?

By Johannes Bauer | 18 November, 2015 How science sensationalism serves meaningful action badly while distorting science. An unholy alliance Our perceptions of …

Allow me to shake your faith!

Allow me to shake your faith! – While the World mobilises for Paris to get it right the Australian Government employs Bjorn …

National Day of Climate Action

See you on Sunday?

David Pocock is known to many of us as the Wallabies captain but how many of us know of him as a …

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