Photo of the Month Winner

The Burrow (Img Src: Brian Rosenberg)

The Burrow (Img Src: Brian Rosenberg)


Congratulations Brian Rosenberg! Your photographic skills are stunning.

The photograph was taken by Brian on a canon 7D in a series of 5 pictures stitched together and was submitted during November as contender in the EAAA photo of the month.

‘The Burrow’ is a time control grazed cattle property near Millthorpe managed by the Hollidays, Brian’s partner’s family. When they first bought the property 20 years ago it had been severely abused with over grazing. The family have spent the last 20 years bringing it back to where it is now through careful controlled grazing practices, pasture management and the addition of extensive wind breaks throughout the 600 acres.  It is currently home to breeding wedge tails that are bringing up two eaglets this season which should be fledging soon.

The photo was taken the day after a lecture with Kerry Cochrane at CSU in the late evening; about an hour before sunset.

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