Farmer endorsement program (FEP)

Mulloon Creek
Mulloon Creek
The EAAA producer endorsement is creating a community of ecological farmers” who through peer review, self development, and mutual assistance create a brand that will give consumers confidence that the produce they buy was grown under an ecological paradigm. The endorsement scheme also serves to help farmers “climb the ladder from conventional industrial agriculture to an ecologically driven farming system.

In recognition that ecological farming is about the journey rather than the destination and is a process of personal and natural growth the other pillars of the EAAA lay foundations for this growth through education, guidance on ethics and research on social and natural ecology.

A short history
  • Many ecological farmers work in isolation
  • Good ideas are not shared, learning experiences are ridiculed
  • Organic certification has become marketing focussed | perceived as too rigid
  • This scheme was born out of these frustrations
How it works

There are three levels of endorsement:

  • Provisional
  • Partial
  • Full

Entry into the scheme may be achieved via a number of different modes:

  • Self declaration
  • Self development
  • Peer review
3 endorsement levels
3 Farmer Endorsement Scheme levels: PROVISIONAL | PARTIAL | FULL
How to begin

Self declaration | First steps

  • The producer signs a “declaration of intent” which is published on the EAAA website
  • This is the start of the producers journey.

Self development | A continual process of learning

  • Self development workshops are attended at least annually
  • Can be EAAA workshops, EAAA tours, or other approved training
  • Designed to help the producer sit outside the farm and develop new skills and ways of thinking

Peer review | The final step in the process

  • Producers formgroupsof2-5famers and act as “board members” for each others farms
    • Or if no local members, an annual submission is sent to EAAA
  • The EAAA outcomes are used as the framework for annual meetings to see how each producer is tracking
Spiral of development
Spiral of development
  • Based on established theories of change management and personal development
  • Not based on a dualism, there is no destination – only ajourney
  • Producers move though a spiral of development
  • Gain non-judgemental advice from like-minded peers underpinned by a holistic and scientific framework
  • Track and understand the whole ecology of your farm (finance | nature | personal)
  • Broaden your experience and develop new skills
  • Receive recognition for your good work


Nature never stands still | Why should you ?


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