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To increase the awareness, understanding and adoption of ecologically-based farming practices.


To achieve the vision we will:

  1. Establish a readily accessible ‘knowledge bank’ of ecological farming ideas, proven practices and networking data (eg, group contacts etc).
  2. Facilitate and establish mutually beneficial partnerships with related groups and organisations.
  3. Conduct and sponsor seminars, workshops and conferences to assist in the transfer of information and techniques associated with ecological farming.
  4. Facilitate and support research and development into ecological farming practices including demonstration of its economic worth.
  5. To promote carbon footprint recognition per farm as a means of increasing farmer awareness of carbon emissions and carbon sequestration potential.
  6. Enable support groups for farmers engaging in ecological farming processes.
  7. Seek recognition and rewards from politicians, industry and community of those farmers who farm ecologically and thereby make a significant contribution to enhancing the natural environment and producing healthy food and fibre.

“We are told that farmers still have a strong sense of stewardship, that they are environmentalists at heart. Perhaps this is true, but many farmers have felt compelled to do whatever was necessary to survive the relentless competitive pressures in an agricultural industry driven by the economic bottom line.

Many will admit that they are doing things to the land that they don’t want to do, but feel they have no choice. The gains in economic efficiency have been impressive, but what about the ecological costs? What is the value of the health and productivity of the land?

What is the value of maintaining the ability of the earth to support human life?” 

~ John Ikerd | Emeritus Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri, Columbia

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