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To promote the values and principles that underpins the development of an ecologically sustainable agriculture. Such agriculture recognizes the intrinsic rights of all including the human and non-human worlds and acknowledges the integral role of land stewardship. These values and principles need to lead to a way of farming which enhances the environment (both living and non-living) within which agriculture operates.


In order to define a set of clear principles and values to guide Australian agriculture the organisation ratifies and adopts as its working model the four principles and 16 sub-principles as outlined in the Earth Charter. These four principles are:

  1. Respect and care for the community of life
  2. Ecological Integrity
  3. Social and economic justice
  4. Democracy, nonviolence, and peace

We endorse the Earth Charter and the expressed opinions contained therein and seek to ensure their application. In this context we

  • support an ethical framework that respects values and cares for the natural ecological systems and cycles.
  • endorse the three dimensions of life, ecological, social and personal
  • recognise the interconnection of organisms and the environment and their intrinsic worth.
  • seek to preserve the integrity and stability of the biotic community and leave as good as or better for the following generations.
  • Working with the Education Pillar seek ways to promote the communities understanding of values and their impact on decision making

Refer to for details regarding the principles.

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