The Australian Institute of Ecological Agriculture Cooperative Ltd

The Ecological Agriculture Australia Association (EAAA) is no longer. It has morphed into the Australian Institute of Ecological Agriculture Cooperative Ltd (AIEA). The AIEA is much the same as the EAAA although the goals have changed and the legal structure is now a cooperative rather than an association.

According to our constitution the purposes of the AIEA are to:

(a) Establish, maintain and manage a professional body to represent ecological agricultural scientists and farmers/landowners who practice ecological farming methods,

(b) Foster an ecological approach to farming and marketing of produce through advocacy, research, and the development of education and training programmes,

(c) Provide consulting services to farmers and landowners that:

(i) Foster ecological agricultural methods,
(ii) enhances environmental sustainability, and
(iii) assists in mitigation and adaptation to climate change including, but not limited to, low carbon practices, renewable energy transition and carbon sequestration in soils and vegetation,

(d) Publish information and research into ecological production and environmental landscape.

The EAAA symbol remains and will now carry the abbreviation AIEA, and the organisation is, as before, committed to putting ecology first in both its natural and social forms.


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