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What is nature worth to humans?

This is a useful question the answer of which could alter the way we manage the environment. The following report by Balakrishna …

Ecological Farming is the answer

Ecological Farming is the answer according to a major report just released. The June 2016 report by the International Panel of Experts …

Two sheep and 12 Ibis

By Johannes Bauer | 29 November, 2015 The farmland outside of 4hills is turning yellow. The grasses have seeded and have died …

Imperial Jezebel on plum tree flower at little dam | Painting by Johannes Bauer

Jezebel and Jezebels

Jezebel and Jezebels Who was Jezebel ? Intrigued by the somewhat unusual name ‘Jezebel” for a butterfly,  I made an internet search …

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