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Susan Hill

No. 33 EAAA | June 2016

Ecological News | Newsletter of the Ecological Agriculture Australia Association | No. 33 :: June 2016

Living in the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene

Paper by Ken McLeod Anthropocene is a term that is used today to define the current period of human existence on Earth. …

Coal Atlas 2015

Coal Atlas 2015

How significant is the coal industry and its impact on global warming? To help guide our thinking on this a Coal Atlas …

Two sheep and 12 Ibis

By Johannes Bauer | 29 November, 2015 The farmland outside of 4hills is turning yellow. The grasses have seeded and have died …

Orange poppies

By Johannes Bauer Before Barb and Pete left Kiparra I ‘rescued some of the orange-yellow Poppies from their garden and planted them …

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An aboriginal story

By Kerry Cochrane Last week I attended an excellent conference held at Charles Sturt University on the theme of Biodiversity and Dreaming. …

What role education?

What role should be the educational role of the Australian Institute of Ecological Agriculture? Education of course is one of its goals …

The making of biochar and why?

By Sebastian Klein In his recent book Atmosphere of Hope, Time Flannery points out that at current rates of greenhouse gas (GHG) …

Popularising Climate science!?

By Johannes Bauer | 18 November, 2015 How science sensationalism serves meaningful action badly while distorting science. An unholy alliance Our perceptions of …

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