AIEA (internal) News

There are seven members on the board of the AIEA. We meet every two months by teleconference although shortly we will have a face-to-face meeting in Orange. What we have done this year is as follows:

1. Applied for a grant to run workshops on regenerative agriculture and how to interpret it based on emergent thinking.

2. Ran a seminar with students from Scotts College Bathurst on environmental management on the farm. This was conducted on Dr Johannes Bauer’s property at O’Connell near Bathurst.

3. Conducted a teleconference on formulating an extension program within the Institute (ongoing).

4. Made preliminary plans to establish a drinks/eat/talk program at Orange related to ecological agriculture. There will be more to say about this shortly. The purpose of this will be to create a community of interest around the notion of a regenerative agriculture.

5. Published two newsletters (including this one). Details of our newsletters are available from the AIEA website at

6. Answered several enquiries from overseas and local from people who want to know more about regenerative agriculture from an ecological perspective. There are several inquiries from overseas students wanting to work on farms.

7. Spoken to 60 or so students from the University of Sydney about the AIEA.

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