Johannes Bauer

Johannes Bauer
Johannes Bauer

Johannes Bauer (MSc Forestry, PhD Biology) is a landowner, environmental scientist and forester who has worked in environmental management, biodiversity conservation, climate change, carbon sequestration and landscape restoration over some thirty years and in many countries.

He has been the Convener of Australia’s first rural conference on Carbon sequestration, Founder of Australia’s first PG Degree in Farm Forestry, and founder of the Australian Carbon Co-operative Ltd., the first organisation in the world which applies co-operative principles of democratic and transparent governance to the ecosystem-based carbon markets.

A former Chief Technical Advisor of UN REDD (the UN model for the reduction of the worlds GHG emissions (some 20% of total emissions) through forest and ecosystem based carbon sequestration and trade) in PNG, Johannes firmly believes in the integration of an ecology-based agriculture with Payments for Environmental Services (PES) including ecosystem-based carbon sequestration, the latter as the remunerated service of landowners to wider society.

Johannes brings in a wealth of experience to ecological agriculture which allows him to look at the ‘bigger picture’ of currently unfolding developments in Australia and around the world, yet relate them meaningfully to on-ground action.

Since September 2012 Johannes has joined EAAA as the pillar board member for ecology.

Johannes lives with his family on their 300 hectare property on the Central tablelands of NSW which he has been restoring over the past 25 years, hosting over the years more than 500 students from schools and universities in their ecological learning projects.


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PhD Zoology, Freiburg University, Germany
MSc Forestry, Freiburg University, Germany
PG Diploma Wildlife Mgmt, Univ. Otago, NZ
Repair the remnants: Bauer
Carbon income initiative


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