David Hardwick

David Hardwick
David Hardwick

David Hardwick is an agricultural ecologist who specialises in soil fertility.

His recent work includes the development of a Landcare Soil Psychology course and a Visual Soil Assessment activity that has been successfully used by a number of Landcare groups in the central west and south of NSW. Currently working as an independent consultant and trainer, David has worked in a variety of roles in sustainable agriculture and extension including as a Landcare Coordinator in Queensland and New South Wales, as a soil and fertiliser agronomist, as a Technical Manager in the biofertiliser industry and as an Ag TAFE Teacher. He has also worked as a Branch Manager for a national horticulture company and was a Technical Officer and Auditor for Australian Certified Organic. Prior to that he completed a dairy apprenticeship on an organic farm on the mid-north coast of NSW.

David currently lives near Armidale in northern NSW and works across Queensland and NSW.


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